A friend like you

It’s been a long run
And it has only just begun
I don’t really believe in myself anymore
And now you’re looking at me
Like this can’t be healthy
Don’t worry
I’m still me
Just maybe a little lost
Out of everyone
You have faith in me
And I can’t thank you enough
Wherever I went
No matter what happened
Whenever I needed you
I only had to call your name
The only reason
For me to keep going
Is that I’ve got a friend like you
I know I’m
Not perfect
Hell, I’m not
But know this,
You’re special in my heart
No matter how you feel
Even if you think the whole world’s against you
Remember, that as long as I’m alive
You’ll never be alone
Out of everyone
you have faith in me
and I can’t thank you enough
Wherever you go
No matter what happens
You only have to call my name
And I’ll be there
I’ll always be there
There’s nothing you could do
To make me resent you
And there’s nothing that could come
Between us and make me forget about you
I don’t care what other people say
I’ll always stay true to you
I’m so lucky
I don’t have to worry
About being lonely
As long as I’ve got a friend like you

Comments on this page:
Comment posted by Dariaaa, 31.05.2011 um 19:44 (UTC):
Wie süß *_*

Comment posted by Freestars, 31.05.2011 um 18:29 (UTC):
Creativity is the life of the soul:)

Comment posted by Juliaaaa :D, 31.05.2011 um 18:05 (UTC):
Ich find den Songtext ja mal echt gut aber is ja nichts neues schreiben kannste halt

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