We used to be
Best friends
Yes, we were like sisters
Tell me
What changed?
We swore,
Best friends
Forever and eternity
What happened to our dream?

You said you wanted to rent
A little apartment in the city
Where we would live together
Trying to make a living while studying
Just one of the many goals we had together

Do you remember
All those nights
We spent laughing, talking and crying together
I will never forget that
Those are the memories I’ll cherish, always

Somehow we’ve drifted apart
And that broke my heart
I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad
As in the moment I thought I’d lost you for good
I was over the moon
When we finally made up

I know we’ll never be so close again
But you’ll always be so goddamn important to me
And I know that somewhere in your heart
There’s still a place for me

It feels so familiar
When you hug me and smile that smile I know so well
You can see right through me
And immediately tell when something’s wrong

I’ve watched so many people
Walking in and out of my life
You’re the one that stayed
You were always right beside me
Whenever I felt lonely
Or when I was afraid
You encourage me in anything I do
And I will always do the same with you
I can be as confused as I can be
But there’s always one thing I know
Our friendship is true

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Comment posted by Lauraa., 07.11.2011 um 18:15 (UTC):
Nachdenklicher, schöner Text ! (: Mag es sehr ♥

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